As we learned from our successful efforts (so far) to block healthcare repeal, the way to stop Trump's dangerous agenda is through people power focused on your members of Congress. This includes going to their town hall meetings, visiting their offices and attending rallies.

To change the subject from healthcare, Donald Trump and his allies in Congress are using the August recess to build public support for their massive tax giveaways. Trump has committed to traveling the country to sell it. The Koch brothers are funding a huge lobbying campaign through their network of conservative groups. And the corporate tax lobby—from the Chamber of Commerce to the Business Roundtable—have committed to spending millions on TV ads.

We can’t let their public relations offensive go unanswered. Please attend town halls, rallies and meetings with your members of Congress this August recess to deliver the message that you oppose any tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education must not be cut to pay for tax breaks!

Below are resources to find events near you, sample questions to ask, event signs to print, and chants to chant.

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